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Mr. Sparks has always known that picking the right lawyer can make all the difference. When he was a kid, he got into some trouble. And he saw firsthand how some attorneys didn’t do their jobs to properly defend him. Those lawyers seemed like they were more interested in earning a quick buck than making sure justice was served. Wade vows to never be like those attorneys. Wade is relentless when it comes to investigating and researching cases. His goal is to give his clients the best chance at justice.

After leaving the Army, Mr. Sparks went to college at Texas A&M. After graduating, he worked as a trial assistant for a highly successful Fort Worth firm. Mr. Sparks went to Philadelphia to assist his employer in a nine-week trial against the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company. Observing everything that occurred in the courtroom taught him some things about trial law. And it instilled in Mr. Sparks a unique insight, particularly when it comes to picking the right jurors, presenting evidence, and telling a client’s story. The jury in that case returned a verdict for our 13 year old client in the amount of $10 million.

Wade personally returns every phone call, text message, and email. Whenever you contact him, he will take the time to speak to you. Mr. Sparks’ unique approach to cases and relentless work ethic has given him an established track record for success at advocating, negotiating, and representing his clients. Just look at some of his former client reviews.

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United States Army

  • Scout Sniper – 82nd Airborne

Texas A&M College Station

  • B.A. History

Texas Tech University Law School

  • JD – Doctor of Jurisprudence


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